Changing the World... One Small Bite at a Time

Dynamic Canadian Champion - Wendy Bourgon

Track How a Portion of your  Purchase Price is Changing the World

The "Small Bites Program"  is just as the name implies, taking on a small project, raising the money for it and completing it.  Then we go onto the next small project.

Our current project is taking place in  Africa and more specifically, Mbayi, Zambia.  Mybayi is a small village of approximately 5000 people.  Just recently courtesy of a fundraising drive  conducted by the Rotary Club and the determination of a dynamic Canadian woman, Wendy Bourgon, the people in Mybayi have a system of wells that provide them with clean water.

Canadian Wendy Bourgon is a passionate advocate for change for the town of Mbayi and we have committed to working with Rotary to buid a Medical Clinic in the town.   

The population of Mbayi are severely impoverished. The nearest medical clinic is a 3 hour walk.  You can imagine being in pain and having to walk 3 hours!

So a portion of every sale of DrenchIT is being donated to build this medical facility.

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