Washing the gear with detergent is better than doing nothing, however regular detergent is not designed to remove the biofilm that harbours the bacteria and mould.  


Sprays alone will not work, because you have to make contact with the microorganisms to get rid of them.  Sprays only hit the surface of the gear.  Anything below the surface is left intact to grow and smell bad.

Sprays are good on hard surfaces, such as the jock cup, helmet or inside the bag!

The funny thing is, this product was invented to reduce the risk of infection in athletes...it just happens to also get rid of that hideous smell  

Science Speaks!

The smell from hockey gear is not the following:

  • the smell of sweat
  • the smell of the game
  • the smell of hard work
  • your manstink



*Proceeds of sales go to pay for shipping the donated gear to remote First Nations Reserves

DrenchIT is specifically formulated to break up and remove the biofilm, dirt, oil and dead skin cells.  Our odour technology keeps the gear stink free for 6 to 8 weeks.

Yes you can drench hockey gloves and NO washing will not damage the gear.  Leave the skates and helmet out of the wash please...hahaha...well you have to say it!

Airing out hockey gear does NOTHING to kill of the bacteria and mould. 

IF airing worked, we could all "air" out our socks each night and wear them day after day.  Why bother washing your clothes?  

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What is that SMELL?​ The smell emanating from sports gear comes from bacteria and mould, including yeasts that live together in a protective glue like substance called a biofilm.

That is why when your wash your "hockey hands", they often still stink.

The biofilm with all the bacteria and mould is not removed with regular soap.  All the bugs are clinging to your hands.