Q.  Can I wash hockey gloves?

A.   Yes!  Use one half a pouch full strength in each glove.  Then soak the gloves in warm water in a pail, laundry tub or washing machine for one hour.  Rinse and air dry.   Once your gloves have been "DRENCHED"  full strength once you can machine wash them with your other gear. Never use a dryer or other source of heat when drenching your gear.

Q. What about goalie gloves?  

A.  Goalie gloves and even the blocker can be drenched in a bathtub.  Place them in warm water and add 2 packs of DrenchIT.  Soak for 1 hour and let air dry.  Never use a dryer or other source of heat when drenching your gear.

Q.  What about my skates and helmet?

A.  Use the Maintenance Spray to clean your helmet and inside your skates.  Just spray and wipe.  You can DRENCH your insoles with the other gear.

Q.  I can't fit all my gear in my washing machine.

A.  No problem, use a bathtub or bucket or laundry tub.  Add the DrenchIT pouch to warm water and agitate with a plunger or stick, soak for one hour and rinse. Never use a dryer or other source of heat when drenching your gear.

Q.  How often do I have to Drench my gear?

A.  We recommend treating the gloves separately  the first time.  Drench all your gear (excluding the helmet and skates) every 6-8 weeks

Q.  When do I use the Maintenance Spray?

​A.  Use the Maintenance spray on the surface of the gear and bag after every game.  You will also use it on your jock strap cup, helmet and skates.  

  • takes 5 minutes of prep time every couple of months
  • will not damage gear
  • costs less than a cup a coffee per week
  • reduces the risk of transmitting disease
  • people, pet & environmentally friendly

​​Yes...we are Canadian

Independent testing of hockey gloves

before & after using DrenchIT

When you take your hands out of your hockey gloves and they stink.  You wash your hands and they still stink!



Growing in your gear is a variety of yeasts, mould and bacteria that cling together in a slimy mass called a biofilm.

Plain soap and detergents can't tackle the job.

DrenchIT is specifically formulated to wash away the biofilm and our specialized odour protection technology coats the internal fabric of the gear and inhibits the re-growth of the odour causing germs.

DrenchIT mist is used to maintain the results.

Look at what is growing in your gear


DrenchIT keeps sports gear stink-free for 6-8 weeks with just one treatment

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